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Cardboard Boat Race

Event Info

Where: South Side of the river, near the Walking Bridge
When: Racing 1:00pm to end, Sat.

Contact Information
Pre-registration to be submitted to WAMBO Cardboard Boat Race

This new event has been sponsored by Home Hardware Wallaceburg. CKXS FM 99.1 has taken the challenge to Captain the WAMBO promo boat. Imagine your favourite local radio celebrity(s), (to be announced), heading into open waters, surrounded by antique boats that hover around them, as people point and cheer for them to sink.


Heats are run in twos, any boats remaining at the end that wish to put their boats back in the water, may do so, as long as they are cleared out prior to the boat parade.

Online registered boat builders will receive a discount on duct tape at Home Hardware Wallaceburg


  1. Pre-register by 11:59pm on July 31st, 2019 by email to WAMBO Cardboard Boat Race, including name(s), phone number and an emergency contact.
  2. Your boat and paddles must be made of cardboard, duct/duck tape only and may have a flag. For environmental and safety reasons there is no metal, wood, flippers, air pumps, egg beaters, plastic or motors.
  3. All crew members must wear and provide their own P.F.D. (approved by Transport Canada). Example: Water Wings and Noodles are not approved.
  4. Boat to be removed from water after event and placed in disposal area.
  5. No kayak style boats. The boat must be an open style concept for safety.
  6. Maximum crew aboard the boat is 2 people, no animals or children. All crew members must be 18 years of age and older and are to sign a registration and waiver on day of event.
  7. Footwear required by boat crew.
  8. We encourage imagination in the construction of the boat and costume wearing.
  9. Entrants registering after pre-registration deadline shall have their boats on-site for display and inspection no later than 10:00am.
  10. Most of all have fun!
  11. A safety rope and marker buoy will be attached to each boat during the race for retrieval.

Once again, Boats/Paddles are cardboard, duct/duck tape and a flag only!

A safety rope and marker buoy will be attached to each boat during the race for retrieval.

Photos of our very proud cardboard boat.