TCH-4 Tractor Hauler


The Tractor Hauler is another cargo transport vehicle primarily used in fitting mecha. It is a much larger and more powerful vehicle used to load missiles into Destroids, dismantle mecha, and haul and tow mecha/vehicles/debris. Its huge claw-like hands have a maximum reach of 32 ft. (9.8 m) and can hold as much as 6 tons in one hand or 20 tons using both.

The tractor treads provide mobility in rugged terrain and maximum traction when towing mecha or vehicles in distress. The tow strength is an impressive 35 tons.

Although the TCH-4 has no weapon systems, it is far from defenceless. The vehicle is heavily armoured, surprisingly manoeuvrable, and jokingly said to be unstoppable (not quite true, but extremely durable). Its hands/arms can become lethal weapons when piloted by an expert. The clawed hands can tear and slash into mecha armour and its thumb can retract completely to use the two fingers like a sharpened crowbar or battering rams. The claws can crush rock, smash through concrete, snap steel beams and dig through earth. (It is often used to assist in mining and excavation operations.)


Crew: 1, plus 18 passengers hanging onto outside
Speed: 60mph
Range: 200 miles
Height: 19ft
Width: 16ft
Length: 44ft
Weight: 14 tons

Weapon Systems:

  • Hand to Hand with loading claws