RAT-1 Pegasus Recon Unit

RAT-1 Pegasus Recon Unit

The RAT-1 Pegasus is an all-terrain reconnaissance mecha developed by Doctor Emil Lang specifically for the Praxians. The warriors seemed so enamored with the concept of a flying horse and so resistant to conventional mecha that Dr. Lang decided to create a mecha unit that resembled a horse. His ploy worked because the Praxians went wild for it!

The horse incorporates one of the Praxians' only other existing artifacts from thier past, antigravity modules. The mechanism is really quite simple, a mechanical horse that moves like a real horse. A simple computer intelligence enables the rider to give simple verbal commands like: stop, go, run, faster, turn left, turn right, fly, etc. The most difficult element was incorporating the alien antigravity modules to give it flight capabilities. Once that was accomplished, the rest just fell into place.

The antigravity unit is also a separate spy device that can rise up, out of the horse's back, wings and all, and fly ahead ot reconnoiter. The spy unit has two roving eye cameras that can record what they see and/or transmit the images to a hand held monitor or communications network. Range of the camera eye, with telescopic and infrared optics, is 1600ft (488m). Range of the transmission is 10 miles (16km). It can also record and transmit sound 10 miles.

Its other sensory abilities include the detection and measuring of radiation, and temperature and it monitors its speed, altitude, direction, and the number of miles it has travelled.


Crew: 1
Speed: 60mph running, 40mph flying
Height: 6ft
Width: 4ft
Length: 8ft
Weight: 1.8 tons