Perytonian Observation Shuttle

Observation Shuttle

The Perytonians also have a slow moving space shuttle powered by the same mysterious magic antigravity system as the small vehicles. The actual decks are located inside the metallic cone of the vessel. The crew deck is first, followed by a passenger/or cargo deck and a cargo bay (last deck). The top of the strange vehicle is flat, with transparent dome over most of it. This is the observation deck used for meditation and observation.

As its appearance might suggest, the vessel is ponderously slow by REF standards. However, its unusual antigravity system enables it to slip through the gravitation of other planets, making it a sophisticated transatmospheric vessel. The Sentinels use it for transporting troops and cargo, as well as exploration.


Crew: 5, plus up to 8 passengers
Speed: Mach 1 in atmosphere or space, 300mph underwater
Height: 240ft
Width: 160ft overall, 100ft actual body
Weight: 50,000 tons