G.M.U. (Ground Mobile Unit)

The juggernaut of the Robotech Expeditionary Force is the Ground Mobile Unit, an all-terrain mecha transport and assault weapon. This marvel of Robotechnology can function with equal ease on land, underwater and in space. In space and underwater, its two rear thrusters rocket it along, while directional thrusters, found in the semicircular structures that line the centre of the undercarriage, keep it stable and change direction.

On land, eight huge sphere-wheels enable it to ride over the most inhospitable terrain. However, the wheels are more than just wheels, they are actually six-man command modules. Inside each are six fully armoured Cyclone riders seated at a consul that floats freely inside the wheel. This means they are always sitting right side up and are not affected by the rotation of the wheel. When the GMU stops, the Cyclone riders can safely exit to engage the enemy or investigate.

Entry into the sphere is through a series of access hatches and channels from within the GMU. Exit to the outdoors is from the sphere only. Likewise, the mecha warriors can regain entrance into the sphere from one of its four outer hatches. The use of the spheres as troop compartments gives the GMU a total of eight Cyclone rider teams (48 men and Cyclones) who can be released in force or as needed. It also allows for the teams to operate as independent units, each with their own specialty or objective.

The main body looks deceptively like a troop or cargo carrier. In reality, it is a massive-fire laser cannon. The GMU can undergo an instant "modular transformation" in which the cannon slides up and forward into firing position while two protective shields also rise into position and the engine thrusters flip sideways.

The cannon is very similar to those incorporated into the defense systems of the SDF series battle cruisers. It is intended to be a heavy artillery support and assault field unit. Atop the cannon is a particle beam turret to defend it from aerial assault. the turret can be operated by a pilot inside it, or by the crew on the bridge.

Other defenses include a forward laser turret mounted atop the the crew compartment and missile launchers located in the turned engine thruster unit (can only fire when the laser is extended and the thrusters are turned sideways).

In addition to its formidable weapons, the Ground Mobile Unit has a mecha bay containing six to ten Destroids or Veritechs, depending on the needs of the assignment and availability. Only the M.A.C. III and old-style mecha are too large to fit. It can also carry 96 troops. At least half those troops will be Cyclone riders, if not all.

The bridge of the GMU is an elaborate communications network that monitors and directs its troops, as well as the systems of the GMU itself. When combined with its troop of mecha, the Ground Mobile Unit becomes a rolling fortress of mind boggling power.


Speed: mph
Height: ft
Width: ft
Length: ft
Weight: tons

Weapon Systems: