ARRAV (Armoured Rocket And Radar Assault Vehicle)

ARAAV with cupola extended

The latest design in mobile rocket launchers is the ARRAV, nicknamed "ARV". It is a tough, lightly armoured assault vehicle designed for the harshest terrain. The treads provide superior traction and stability, enabling the tough little vehicle to climb inclines as steep as 70 degrees. Its airtight crew compartment provides protection from gases, noxious atmospheres and exposure to alien microbes. The right front section of the vehicle seats the pilot and the copilot, with seats to accommodate two additional passengers. The elevated compartment to the left of the pilot is the radar, communications, and sensory system. On top of it are mounted two high intensity searchlights (range: 2000 ft/609 m).

In the centre of the vehicle is an open-air compartment that can be raised up out of the vehicle, extending to a maximum height of 14 ft. (4.3 m) above the ARRAV, (that's a total of 23 ft/7 m above the ground). This lightly armoured, retractable platform can be used for observation, mecha repair, mecha reloading, or as an elevated weapons platform. A Gunner's seat and shield are built into the platform, complete with an adjustable weapons mount that can hold a Fal-2, or Gallant H-90, or most laser rifles and machine guns. The shielded weapon's seat can rotate 360 degrees with a 120 degree arc up and down. A portable spotlight can be moved along on a track to provide better light (has a 90 degree tilt). The platform can be operated manually from inside the compartment or by the crew inside the vehicle.

"ARV's" payload of medium range missiles is launched from the rear of the vehicle. Volleys of 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, or 18 can be fired. Once the full rack has been launched (all 18), the unit is automatically reloaded and ready to fire again within 30 seconds.

The radar/communications unit gives the ARRAV the flexibility to act independently and extends its range of communications. The retractable radar/communications antenna is located in the rear.


Crew: 2, plus 2 passengers
Speed: 90mph on land, 10mph in water
Height: 7.6ft
Width: 13ft
Length: 22ft
Weight: 11 tons, 14 tons with missiles
Range: 700 miles

Weapon Systems:

  • 54 MRM's
  • Small arms mounted on Observation Platform