AMR-10 Mecha Retrieval Vehicle


The biggest ground cargo transport vehicle is the AMR-10. This monster stands 24 ft (7.3 m) tall, with a crane mounted on top of it providing an additional 28 ft (8.4 m) of height (52 ft/15.8 m total reach of crane). its primary purpose is to repair, retrieve, and maintain mecha. However, it is also used to haul cargo, transport troops, excavation, mining, and construction.

The crane can be fitted with a number of accessories, including a utility arm, electro-magnet, scaffolding, shovel jaw, drill and others. It is also fitted with a towline and winch in the front and back.


Crew: 2, plus 3 passengers
Speed: 60mph
Range: 300 miles
Height: 24ft
Width: 22ft
Length: 50ft
Weight: 18 tons