REF Armoured Assault Transport AAT-40


The AAT-40 is an elongated cousin to the AAt-30, a cross between a jeep, a truck, and a dune buggy. It is a heavily armoured, six wheeled, assault vehicle designed for traversing the most difficult terrain. the driver's seat is open to the air, but protected by a roll bar and armour and designed to make him a difficult target (attackers must make a called shot to strike the driver and even then, they are -4 to strike at low speeds, 30 mph (48 kph) or less, and -6 to strike at greater speed).

The rear of the AAT-40 is a larger open-air cargo bed that can haul supplies, heavy machinery or 10 to 15 troops. Another 3 to 6 troops can ride by hanging on to the roll bar.

Perceived as a rescue vehicle, the powerful transport has a front winch and towline that can be used to haul other vehicles to safety. Up to 18 tons can be towed by the AAt-40.

Sealed in the armoured compartment to the right of the driver is the vehicle's weapon system, a rapid-fire, rotary laser. The laser cannon is fixed forward, but can be positioned up and down in a 45 degree angle.


Crew: 1
Speed: 150mph
Height: 5.7ft
Width: 10ft
Length: 36ft
Weight: 8.6 tons

Weapon Systems:

  • ELR-40 Rapid Fire Laser Cannon