QE-3000 E Ghost fighter

A trans-atmospheric unmanned fighter, it's called "The Ghost" because it has no pilot. This all condition fighter utilizes reflex technology and power systems like the Lancer Space Cannon. Consequently, it is a robot fighter that can identify, persue, evade and attack enemy aircraft and missiles. Being trans-atmospheric means that it can operate equally well in space or atmosphere. It can take off from the ground, and with the aid of special booster jets, achieve orbit. Lifewise it can be launched from space and persue an enemy into the Earth's atmosphere without burning up upon reentry.

The Ghost was primarily used by the Robotech Defense Force on the A.R.M.D. Space Platforms and on some aircraft carriers. Since the Zentraedi's devestating attack on Earth, the QF-3000 E Ghost has been mostly limited to the remaining A.R.M.D. Space Platforms and space patrols.


Crew: None
Speed: 1450mph normal, Mach 5 with boosters
Range: 4000 miles
Length: 53ft
Weight: 8.3 tons

Weapon Systems:

  • 6 auto-cannons