An attack helicopter used by the Earth Defense Force and local governments. The Comanchero is outfitted with SRM's, machinegun and booster jets for speed and maneuverability. It has two cockpits; one for the pilot/co-pilot and the other for the gunner. The helicopter is state of the art technology with reinforced body armour and cockpits. The only weapon not controlled by the gunner is the forward triple barreled machinegun. The Comanchero is often used for suppressing riots, combat reconnaissance, and policing and defending remote areas.


Crew: 3, plus 6 passengers
Speed: 300mph, 500mph with boosters
Range: 600 miles
Length: 58ft
Weight: 8404lbs

Weapon Systems:

  • Triple-barreled M-89 Machinegun in nose turret
  • 2 Side-mounted 32-mm autocannon
  • 60 SRM's on wings