L.V.T. Adventurer II Tactical Support Aircraft

A light, verticle take-off jet fighter used by the RDF and local governments. This fighter was commonly used on aircraft carriers in a ground-support role. They are light, fast, highly mobile and capable of VTOL, making them ideal for rugged terrain and reconnaissance

Since the Zentraedi invasion, the Adventurer aircraft has become more popular. Its excellent economy on fuel, speed and VTOL capabilites make it ideal for patrolling remote areas. It is also becoming a common weapon used by the local governments to combat the growing civil unrest.

Its main disadvantages is that its armaments are limited in the air-to-air role, and is no match for any sort of mecha.


Crew: 1, plus 2 passengers
Speed: 722mph
Length: 35ft
Weight: 3.9 tons empty, 5.5 tons loaded

Weapon Systems:

  • 2 MRM's
  • 30 250lb bombs on wings
  • Internal bomb bay capable of holding 4000lbs