Robotech Factory

The Robotech factory is a fully automated, unmanned, repair and production station of mind boggling magnitude. Perhaps as many as two dozen of these giant 20 mile long factories wander the solar system on a schedule to specific locations where the Zentraedi can rendezvous for repairs. The factory is programmed to recognize and respond, only, to the Zentraedi and the Robotech masters. One a vessel has been identified, one of its four docking bays will open to allow the ships entrance. At this point the entire crew disembarks and the battle cruiser is ushered away for a complete and total reconditioning.

The vessel being reconditioned is studied, analyzed and repaired. This includes exterior and interior damage, replenishment of exhausted protoculture supplies, repairs on damaged mecha and replacement of destroyed missiles, weapons, armour, vehicles and mecha. The length of time required for repairs depends on the severity of the damage. Typically, an entire battle cruiser can be completely refitted within three to eight weeks. The Robotech factory can repair up to ten spacecraft simultaneously.

During this period of repair, the crew is allowed one of those rare periods of rest and relaxation. The Factory provides ample facilities for exercise, combat simulation, and general relaxation. In addition it offers a superior medical section for healing and treatment of injury, as well as laboratories for the study of aline specimens.

One such facility has been captured by the RDF and Breetai, and is currently being used to repair the remnants of Breetai's fleet for the RDF. The SDF-3 is also under secret construction at the factory, under the supervision of Lisa Hayes (Hunter). Little else is known about the Robotech Factory. The only other point of interest is that a major protoculture chamber/micronization facility is housed at the factory, which now orbits the Earth.



Crew: None, but can accomadate millions of Zentraedi
Speed: .01 light speed
Height: ??
Width: ??
Length: 25 miles
Weight: Beyond Calculation

Weapon Systems:

  • ??


  • Nearly infinite supply of standard Zentraedi mecha & troops
  • Nearly infinite supply of various automated defense drones