Queadol Magdomilla class Command Ship

The second warship in the line of command is the Zentraedi Command Ship. This is the class of starship placed under the command of low ranking officers and commanders of small fleets, such as Khyron and Azonia. As a command ship, it will typically direct a fleet with as few as a dozen battle cruisers (Khyron's fleet consisted of his one Zentraedi Command Ship, four Scout Ships, two Zentraedi Landing Ships and four Zentraedi Destroyers; a total of eleven ships with an estimated 150,000 combat troops) or four times as many (Azonia commanded about 30 warships).

The Zentraedi Command Ship is truly unique in that the bow of the ship can separate to become two individually operated vessels. The bow section is usually separated from its greater half to supervise assaults within a planet's atmosphere, or to wage a small assault. Its combat oriented, aggressive design makes the smaller front section as formidable, or perhaps even more devastating, than its larger brother half. Weapon systems include: heavy particle beam cannon, main laser cannon, a small battery of light forward lasers, and a compliment of Fighter and Battle Pods. Even if the small front section is completely destroyed, its larger half remains fully functional! However, only the front section possesses the heavy particle beam and main laser cannon. Once destroyed, it is permanently lost unless a new bow is added to replace the one destroyed.

Command Ship


Crew: 15,260
Speed: .16 light speed
Height: 3200ft
Width: 4465ft
Length: 13,180ft, 8,225ft without bowship
Weight: 180,000,000 tons

Weapon Systems:

  • Main Reflex Cannon
  • Heavy Laser
  • 18 Light Lasers
  • 48 Laser Turrets
  • 60 Missile Turrets

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