Xerxes class Heavy Cruiser/Carrier SFC-7000

The most formidable vessels in the REF fleet, with the exception of the SDF-3 and Thunderer Battlships, are the Xerxes Command Carriers. The massive, half mile long spacecraft was designed by the Ikazuchi Robotechnology Design Group under the supervision of Doctor lang. Its principal purpose is to function as a mobile space station supporting the bulk of the Robotech Expeditionary Force's personnel, mecha, vehicles, weapons and supplies.

The secondary purpose of these big ships is assault. Since the likelihood of combat with the Robotech masters was very real, the giant carriers are heavily armed, like an aircraft carrier in space. The big gun is a Zentraedi style mega-laser that can slice another Xerxes in half. Then there is a battery of laser turrets, missiles, and, of course, its compliment of nearly 700 mecha.

The contingent of Veritech fighters is comprised mostly of the new Alpha and Beta fighters although a handful of the old RDF VF-Veritechs and Vindicators are also present. Alpha fighters in battloid mode are launched from the six Alpha launch bays that appear as armoured bunkers protruding from the side of the vessel (3 on each side). Each launch bay can release 24 Alphas, for a combined force of 144 fighters. In addition to the six launch bays, the three lower decks are also hangars that can release an equal force of Veritechs in minutes.

Deck ten has two hangars in the very nose, releasing its mecha forward and from side hangar doors. In the centre is the main hangar. It is here and on the two decks below it, that the bulk of mecha can be found. Mecha hangar compartments, repair and maintenance garages, storage and crew quarters surround the big release hangars on either side of the ship. Decks eleven and twelve service the Horizont troop shuttles, as well as the fighters. Deck eleven also has two side hangars toward the nose used for the release of Alphas and Betas. Deck twelve is suspended underneath the carrier and is a comparatively tiny hangar for the Horizont shuttles. A huge shield covering protects the main hangar section of decks 10-12. The shielding slides to the rear when fighters or spacecraft are to be launched. the majority of Destroids, Cyclones, vehicles, missiles, and equipment are also stored on the hangar decks.

As a "command" carrier, each Xerxes will co-ordinate and direct a fleet of smaller spacecraft such as the Horizont and Katana. The carriers can even house two to four of the Horizont dive transatmospheric troop shuttles inside their immense hangars and dock with the Katana. The command carrier will also contain two to six of the massive GMU's. Each Xerxes carrier commands over 5000 troops, plus those of the smaller spacecraft. With the superior Alpha and Beta fighters and other mecha, the Ikazuchi-7000 command carriers are tougher than the Zentraedi Destroyer (Thuverl Salan) and nearly equal to their Landing Ships (Quiltra Queleual). Combined with the power of the SDF-3, the REF fleet is a force to be reckoned with.

Xerxes Starship


Crew: 1117, plus 5961 troops
Speed: .16 light speed
Height: 766ft
Width: 480ft
Length: 2832ft
Weight: 20,000,000 tons

Weapon Systems:

  • DS-1 Pinpoint Barrier
  • Main Laser Cannon
  • 16 Laser Turrets
  • 800 LRM's

Mecha / Vehicles: