Katana class destroyer HSTC-27

High Speed troop Carrier

Katana, rear view

The second largest spacecraft in the early REF fleet is the Katana (aka Garfish) troop carrier, about twice the size of the Horizont shuttle. Yet, despite its size, the Garfish is the fastest, most manoeuvrable ship in the fleet.

The bridge of the vessel is located in the nose, with a crew consisting of a captain, pilot, three copilots, and four communications engineers. Nestled in the midsection is the command deck. This is where all combat operations are directed and an auxiliary bridge is located. Thus, if the forward section is destroyed the ship is still fully functional. The command crew consists of a commander of operations, two military advisors, a pilot, two copilots, four communications engineers, six aids and four security officers (Cyclone riders in full gear).

A medical team, one doctor, two paramedics and two nurses, along with a mecha team of three bio-maintenance engineers, two mechanical engineers, two electrical engineers and eight assistants, are also part of the regular crew, plus a kitchen crew of eight.

In addition to the crews, the Garfish carries troops. Typically, those troops will include 96 Cyclone riders, 288 other military personnel (any O.C.C.), and a handful of vehicles, such as the ARRAV rocket launcher, AAT-40 assault transport, and a dozen ML-3 forklifts.

Mecha troops will always include one or two M.A.C. II's or III's, two Gladiators, one or two Excalibers, one or two Z1-Battle Pods and nine Alpha and Beta fighters. The Alphas and Betas are stored in hangar bays suspended underneath the main body of the Garfish. the Veritechs are launched with the Alphas and Betas connected together. The two fighters can separate at will, doubling the number of assault craft, or remain linked as one heavy-duty fighter. An additional 4 or 5 mecha or vehicles can be squeezed in with the carrier's usual forces.

Unlike the Horizont, the Garfish carrier has its own defensive weapons system. This includes long-range missiles launched from the fore-section, a retractable laser turret in the nose section and a tri-barreled laser turret at the base of the forward section.



Crew: 55 plus 420-500 troops
Speed: Mach 8 in atmosphere, .2 light speed in space
Height: 114ft
Width: 251ft
Length: 350ft
Weight: 18,500 tons

Weapon Systems:

  • Tri-Laser Turret
  • Retractable Forward Laser Turret
  • 36 LRM's