Scorpion Assault Carrier

Scorpion Assault Carrier

The Regent, his Royal Guard (Red Enforcers) and stage four Invid pilots/enforcers are housed in an all-terrain vehicle that looks more like a humungous insect than a spacecraft. The Scorpion, as it's called by the REF, has two monstrous weapon appendages that resemble heads. Each can fire a laser bolt that can tear a starship in half. Shorter range energy beams are also fired from the eye-like portals.

Its twin scorpion tails are actually laser cannons, but can also be used like gigantic swords to cut open the hull of an enemy vessel or swat down mecha. Its eight legs provide all-terrain land capabilities.

There are only a handful of "Scorpion" vessels in the Invid's fleet, perhaps as few as 200. The Regent commands one (about 20% larger than the others), while the others are commanded by Invid Brains and a legion of Invid troops, much like a hive in space.


Crew: 6 Stage 4
Speed: 200mph on ground
Mach 5 in atmosphere
.16 light speed in space
Height: 145ft
Width: 180ft body, 240 total
Length: 492ft
Weight: 100,000 tons

Weapon Systems:

  • 2 Weapons Heads
  • 4 Eye Lasers
  • 2 Tail Laser Cannons