Things to Know


    A round is one bullet (or shell) for a weapon
    Basically a bullet, but usually refers to much larger sized weapons, such as cannons, bazookas and the like.
    A box of bullets or shells designed to connect to a weapon, and allow for more firings before reloading is required.
    Ammo Belt
    A collection of bullets connected via a belt. One end if fed into the weapon, and rounds are then continuously fed, with almost no reloading required.
    Sub-machine gun
    A small, pistol-sized (or slightly large) weapon. Usually carries approx. 30 rounds in a clip. Fires in 3 round bursts or fully automatic.
    Machine Gun
    Size is similar to a rifle, but heavier. Can be either clip or belt-fed. Very high rate of fire, usually fires large caliber bullets as well.
    Assault Rifle (aka Semi/Fully Automatic Rifle)
    Light weight, easy to operate rifle carrying approx. 30 rounds, with single/3 round/fully automatic firing options.
    Single-shot pistol, usually of revolver type. 5-6 rounds usual before reload required.
    Carries approx. 30 rounds. Fires them "as fast as you can pull the trigger."

    Third Invid War

    1. Invid can see protoculture (like infra-red to humans), but only if the mecha/weapon its used in is turned on. Turn your Cyclone off, toss a blanket over it, and most Invid will pass it by. Stage 5's are the exception.
    2. All REF mecha run on Protoculture cells. Think of them as small battaries. How long the cells will last depend on how much thier used, and which mecha thier in, but usually measured in months.
    3. Southern Cross, RDF, Zentraedi, Robotech Master and EBSIS mecha all run on Protoculture reactors. Much larger and more powerful, they last decades without recharging.
    4. PT Cells and rectors can only be recharged by RDF/SC/REF mecha maint. facilities or starships.
    5. Invid PT Cells can be modified to work in REF mecha. This is a fairly simple task for a mecha maint. person.
    6. Zentraedi, being artificially created by Robotechnology, are infused with PT energy, and are instantly obvious to Invid.
    7. Zentraedi and Invid are total enemies. On sight of the other, they will both fight to the death.