Female Power Armour [Queadluun-Rau]


This is a highly mobile, power boosting, battle suit which was specially developed for the ultra-efficient female officers. The Female Battle Suit is, without a doubt, the best Mecha unit in the Zentraedi army. its unique design incorporates what the Zentraedi call an Inertia-Vector Control System, which compensates for problems related to acceleration and propellant/fuel. Another special feature, exclusive to the Female Power Armour, is a high speed focusing sight built into the face plate. The Power Armour is designed for the rigors of space and atmosphere. Its aerial combat design, light armour and great flight mobility, make it a superior weapon.

The Power Armour is the most expensive battle suit to manufacture, largely because of the Inertia-Vector Control System which provides its unparalleled mobility. Consequently, they are restricted to (and specially designed for), the elite female Zentraedi Air Combat troops, officers and aces.

The total number of female Power Armour is approximately equal to one in every 1000 Battle Pods. A typical, air combat unit will contain 12 to 24 battle suits, with a commanding officer and, at least, one ace.


Crew: 1
Speed: 110mph running, 2600mph flying
Height: 55ft
Width: 26ft
Length: 27ft
Weight: 32.5 tons

Weapon Systems:

  • Dual Auto Cannons
  • High-speed, Triple-barreled Pulse Lasers in each arm
  • 84 SRM's
  • Laser Pistol