Global Military Police Security Robot

One of the Global Military Police's (G.M.P.) great experiments was the developement of a giant, mecha size, robot that could assist in policing, civil defense and security. Unfortunately, the final result is less than satisfactory. The robot is slow and ponderous in thought, reaction and mobility. Any mecha or battloid can run circles around it, as can most vehicles. Since the G.M.P. has invested so much time and money on the project, they have produced several dozen of these lumbering machines. Most are used as security guards and secondary defense units. They are most effective as an assistant to a human partner or team.


Crew: None
Speed: 35mph
Height: 15.6ft
Width: 7.6ft
Length: 4ft
Weight: 15 tons

Weapon Systems:

  • EU-11 Gun Pod