Global Military Police Battloid

GMP battloid

The most powerful and versatile of the non-transformable battloid mecha is the Global Military Police (G.M.P.) Multi-purpose battloid. this impressive mecha is designed to function in all environments including outer space, and underwater, and even possesses limited flight. Directional jets are built into both hips, feet and shoulder blades for maximum mobility in space and underwater. The quick addition of a detachable jet pack now gives it superior mobility in those environments as well as limited flight capabilities. With the jet pack the G.M.P. Battloid can hover 1 to 300 feet (.3 to 91.5 m) high, or perform jet boosted leaps that will send it hurling 300 feet (91.5 m) upward or lengthwise. brief periods of flight, lasting 10 minutes (maximum altitude, 300 ft.), is also possible. After 10 minutes of continuous flight the jet pack must be allowed to cool down for at least one half hour or it will burn out completely within 2-4 minutes.

The G.M.P. Battloid is the most heavily armoured and, although it does not carry a shield, its forearms are specially armoured so that they function just like the more obvious shield attachments. This means that energy beams and projectiles can be parried/blocked with the forearm. other features include a small spotlight in its chest, and small, twin lasers on the sides of the head. most sensors are also located in the head. Colours are dark, blue-black shoulders, chest, waist and legs, with light blue arms, head and highlights.


Crew: 1, plus 1 passenger
Speed: 45mph, 35mph with jetpack
50mph flying, 200mph flying in space
Height: 20ft
Width: 10ft
Length: 6ft
Weight: 14 tons, 16.5 tons with jetpack

Weapon Systems:

  • Twin head lasers
  • EU-11 Gun Pod