Cosmic Unit Space Battloid

The Cosmic Unit of the Southern Cross has a battloid designed specifically to assist them in space. A six thruster jet pack is attached to provide maximum movement and mobility. Directional thruster jets in the feet, forearms, front shoulders, and buttock areas, gives the massive machine an agility in space one does not expect from something that appears so cumbersome. The propulsion system enables the mecha to function underwater as well.

A unique feature is the towline system built into its chest. The large, circular appendage fires a towline that can be used to haul in wreckage, other battloids or samples. The towline can be fitted with a powerful electromagnetic head, or spike, or grappling hook-type head. The maximum weight which can be hauled by one C.U. Battloid is 30 tons.


Crew: 1, plus 1 passenger
Speed: 35mph, 35mph underwater, 200mph in space
Height: 20ft
Width: 10ft
Length: 8.5ft
Weight: 13 tons, 15.6 with jetpack

Weapon Systems:

  • E-20 Gun Pod