Civil Defense Corps Heavy Battloid

The second Civil Defence Corps Battloid is simply a more heavily armoured version of the Light Battloid. The only visible dissimilarities are the design/shape of the head, the heavy head lasers, and slightly greater mass to the body. Another less obvious difference is that the heavier armour provides more protection, but also makes the mecha heavier and slower. The C.D.C. Heavy Battloid is used by officers in conjunction with the more common Light Battloids (grunts). There is one heavy unit for every six lights.


Crew: 1, plus 1 passenger
Speed: 45mph
Height: 20ft
Width: 9.7ft
Length: 8ft
Weight: 12 tons

Weapon Systems:

  • 2 High Powered Head Lasers
  • EU-11 Gun Pod