VF-1V Vindicator

The last of the VF series Veritech Fighters is the Vindicator. It is actually a cross between an Alpha and a VF Veritech. The Vindicator has the size and mass of the old VF series Veritech, but the basic shape, styling and armaments of the Alpha Fighter. Although it towers 46 ft. (14 m), the REF added it to its active mecha as a first strike assault unit that fights alongside the Shadow Fighters. Doctor R. Burke, the mecha's co-designer, has coined the nickname "Zentraedi Buster" because it was originally intended to combat any Zentraedi warriors who may still serve the Robotech Masters.

The Vindicator also uses an earlier, larger version of the destabilizer energy weapon and has the "shadow cloaking device" built into it. In fact, at a quick glance, the Vindicator appears to be a larger version of the Shadow Fighter.

The VF-IV is super scarce on the war ravaged Earth. It was designed in space and never added to the RDF's or Southern Cross' mecha forces. Instead, it was kept exclusively part of the REF forces. Only a handful of Vindicators survived the REF's assault on Reflex Point.


Fighter Guardian Battloid
Speed: 2211mph 670mph 80mph running, 400mph flying
Height: 22ft 29.6ft 46ft
Width: 46ft 46ft 20ft
Weight: 21 tons

Weapon Systems:

  • 70 SRM's
  • EU-12 Destabilizer