Tactical Battle Pod [TBP-Z1]

REF Battle Pod

The old Tactical Battle Pod has been replaced with the smaller, but deadlier, TBP-Z1 (nicknamed "Tid-Bitz"). The mecha's formidable weapons, speed and balance emulate its giant predecessor. However, there are numerous differences in style and design. The top mounted particle beam guns are long and slender, a trademark of Earth design. Its small rear lasers have been replaced with larger, more powerful lasers and the auto cannons replaced with a Gladiator style auto cannon drum. The Battle Pod's familiar egg-shaped main body is also gone, in favour of a squat, rectangular shaped form.

The most dramatic changes are the addition of arms and its drastically reduced size. Arms give this infantry unit the advantage of hand to hand combat, grappling, holding and carrying. The size is a comparatively minuscule 23 ft (7 m). The pilot is safely nestled in the armoured midsection of the main body.


Crew: 1, plus one passenger
Speed: 175mph
Height: 23ft
Width: 14ft
Length: 14.6ft
Weight: 12.7 tons

Weapon Systems:

  • 2 Particle Beam Cannons
  • 2 Top-Mounted Lasers
  • 2 32mm Auto Cannons