Excalibur [MBR-04-VII]


The REF Excaliber is still used as an assault and defense, heavy weapons system. Like its predecessor, the REF Excaliber has long-range and short-range armaments. The major change is the replacement of one of its particle beam cannons with a Gladiator type mecha arm. The addition of the arm and hand gives it a greater versatility in hand to hand combat and reconnaissance. The pilot can now pick up and carry items, and perform articulated work. A second hand has also been added to the particle beam Cannon, although it is a bit clumsy.

Its many conventional weapons have been replaced with mega-damage weapons in anticipation of a more powerful foe. A walking dreadnought made even deadlier with its battery of missiles, lasers, particle beam cannon and increased speed and mobility.


Crew: 1 or 2
Speed: 75mph
Height: 26ft
Width: 18.6ft
Length: 11.2ft
Weight: 20.6 tons

Weapon Systems:

  • PBC-12 Particle Beam Cannon
  • 3 Head Lasers
  • 36 mini-missiles
  • 24 SRM's