Cyclops [CRP-Z3]

Cyclops [CRP-Z3]

The Zentraedi's largest mecha-vehicle is the Theatre Scout (nicknamed the Cyclops by the RDF). This humongous mecha was used by the Zentraedi as an all-terrain reconnaissance vehicle and has been adapted by the REF for the same purpose.

The Cyclops (officially renamed by the REF) is a walking sensor, radar, and communications network housed in an armoured mini-fortress. The Cyclops is primarily used to probe uncharted enemy territory and to maintain/relay communications during battle. Outfitted with its heavy armour, battery of sensors, armaments, and great versatility of movement the Cyclops can prowl around in the most deplorable conditions, unescorted. Its great versatility enables it to adapt to its environment and it packs enough firepower to handle most random encounters.

Externally, the REF Cyclops looks exactly like its Zentraedi counterpart. It is the internal modifications that hold the surprises. Once outfitted to accommodate a crew of 35ft warriors, the Cyclops now accommodates 4-12 human sized soldiers. The minimum crew is a pilot and copilot, both of whom are also Alpha/Beta pilots, and two communications engineers. Often a field scientist or military specialist are part of the basic crew. Any other combination of personnel can be added, but rarely exceeds 12, the maximum number of crew members that can be evacuated if necessary.

A storage area allows for the inclusion of 4 to 12 Cyclones (usually the VR-052 Battler), and a separate storage bay, measuring 10x10x10, to contain specimens, supplies, prisoners, or additional personnel (as many as 20 standing).

The major difference is the replacement of the 100ft escape capsule with an Alpha and Beta fighter. The copilot usually pilots the Alpha (detaching only to defend the other crewmen in the Beta), while the Cyclops pilot operates the Beta. The Beta can seat two others in the cockpit, while the remaining crew (8) are seated in the specially modified bomb bay compartment. This means the Beta does not carry its usually supply of bombs, but all other weapon systems are fully armed. Likewise, the Alpha is fully armed for combat. Unlike the slow, weaponless escape pod, the Alpha and Beta can reach a speed of Mach 8, and can also disconnect to become two devastating war machines.


Crew: 4-12
Speed: Walking: 40mph
Running: 80mph
Flying: Mach 1.5
Height: Body: 100ft
With legs extended: 300
Width: 160ft
Length: 400ft
Weight: 320 tons


  • Ground Sensor Systems. Uses siesmic and laser sensors to detect the ground movements of troops or vehicles, as well as other natural and unnatural siesmic activity. Range: 10 miles
  • Radiation Detector. Detects, identifies, and measures radiation. Range: 1000ft
  • Infra-red. Picks up and measures heat eminations. Can be focused on an area as small as 20ft. Range 1000ft
  • Motion Sensor. Registers movement and pinpoints location of the source of movement. Range 1000ft
  • Normal Light Spotlights (8). Range of beam: 1000ft

Weapon Systems:

  • 2 front-mounted, rapid-fire particle beam cannon turrets
  • 24 missiles, 2 are always smoke