VBF-1A Beta Fighter

The Beta is part of the new modular Veritech combat system. Like The Alpha, it is a separate and distinctive Veritech fighter. However, it can connect to the Alpha, effectively becoming one large war machine called a Legios. Together, the Beta adds a barrage of short-range missiles and the flexibility of a battloid mode transformation while still attached to the Beta. When the situation demands it, the two Veritechs can detach and fight as two completely independent combat units.

The Beta and Alpha combination is usually used when entering a planet's atmosphere from space (or exiting an atmosphere), first strike (then separate to engage in separate combat, effectively doubling the number of Veritechs) and space combat.

The armaments of the Beta Fighter are similar to the Alpha's, but with greater range and destructive potential. A GU-XX is built into the centre of the fuselage, and one in each leg, that can be fired in a fixed position only in jet and guardian modes. Thier automatic feed gives them many times more rounds than the hand-held GU-XX of the Alpha. Short, medium and long-range missiles can be fired from several positions. Two heavy missiles from the front, six medium range missiles from the top mounted rack and eight short-range missiles (plus reloads) from each of its retractable top missile bays (chest in battloid mode). Plus, the Beta can drop bombs from its cargo/bomb bay while in jet mode and has an additional 20 short-range missiles in battloid mode (10 in each leg). The hands and arms are designed in such a way that the Beta can not hold a GU or EU style gun pod. It must rely on missiles, hand to hand combat and speed (not manoeuvrability).

The Beta Fighter is designed specifically to be a heavy back-up or counterpart to the speedy Alpha. Consequently, the Beta is much larger and laden with explosives. Although its rocket boosters can attain a speed of Mach 8, manoeuvrability is minimal. The Mach 8 speed is provided as a means to escape gravitational forces (breach Earth's atmosphere), and make hasty retreats and attacks. The Mach 8 speed also matches the speed of some of the Invid vessels which the Alpha and Beta were designed to combat. The best speed the Beta can muster without rocket thrusters is just under Mach 2. The Beta is also less manoeuvrable than its half pint Alpha counterpart. As a team, the Beta provides the muscle and extra oomph, while the Alpha provides the speed and agility. The only difference between all Betas is their colour and distinguishing insignia. Even the Shadow Beta is the same except that it is blue-black and grey in colour and has the "shadow cloaking device" which makes it invisible to protoculture sensors and radar.


Crew: 1, plus 2 others in cockpit. 10 passengers in bomb-bay

Fighter Guardian Battloid
Speed: 1206mph, 5561mph with boosters 600mph 80mph running, 300mph flying
Height: 20ft 28ft 35ft
Width: 64ft 64ft 28ft
Weight: 14 tons without missiles, 19.5 tons loaded

Weapon Systems:

  • 80 SRM's in chest
  • 20 SRM's in legs
  • 6 MRM's
  • 2 LRM's in chest
  • 1 GU-11 35mm gun pod in chest
  • 2 GU-11 35mm gun pods in legs
  • 16 gravity bombs