VAF-6 Alpha Fighter

Battloid Mode

The Alpha and Beta Veritech Fighters are the latest developments of Doctor Lang and his Robotech research specialists. The initial idea was to create a smaller, transformable Veritech fighter. Something very much like the old 45 ft. (13.7 m) VF-Veritech series, but half the size for greater combat mobility. A smaller mecha could go places its larger predecessors could not. it would also make the vehicle a smaller target.

The Alpha is a small jet fighter that stands about 28 ft. tall in battloid; a full 16 ft 5 inches shorter than the Super Veritech. Doctor Lang contends that he can reduce the size another 8 ft. (2.4 m), but at the sacrifice of the formidable weapons systems.

Although the Alpha Fighter is slower than the VF series Veritech, it is much more manoeuvrable and loaded with five times as many short-range missiles (60 compared to the VF's 12). Like the VF series Veritech, the Alpha Fighter also has a standard GU style gun pod called the GU-XX. One GU-XX is standard issue, but two can be stowed on top and one on the undercarriage. Unlike the old Veritechs, the GU-XX can be fired while in jet and guardian modes (used as a hand-held weapon in battloid mode only).

Perhaps the most outstanding aspect of its design is its compatibility with the Beta Fighter. The Alpha can attach itself to the larger beta fighter, becoming a larger, faster, more formidable war machine. the Beta's powerful jet boosters can be used to blast the two Veritechs merged into one, into space. This transatmospheric aspect gives the Alpha total environmental flexibility. Even more impressive is that the Alpha can transform into battloid mode and remain attached to the Beta for the speed and manoeuvrability of a jet, but with the full combat potential of the battloid. The two vessels can separate from one another at any time. The effect is that one large aircraft can separate and become two separate and incredibly powerful fighting mecha. if escape is necessary, the two can speed off separately or attach back into one vehicle to blast off at Mach 8. At Mach 8, the Alpha and Beta can easily blast into outer space. Both Veritechs can function on land, in air, in space or underwater.

Jet Mode


Guardian Mode
Fighter Guardian Battloid
Speed: 1541mph 670mph 120mph running, 300mph flying
Height: 15ft 20ft 28ft
Width: 22ft 22ft 13ft
Weight: 11 tons empty, 16.4 tons loaded
Range: ??


  • 2 Lasers in nose
  • GU-XX 35mm gun pod
  • 60 SRM's