VF-1 Strike Veritech "Valkyrie"

Battloid Mode

After the stunning success of the Super Veritech, a new variant was developed. The right missile pod was replaced with a twin-particle beam cannon, similar to the ones mounted on the Excalibur destroid. This produced an incredibly deadly mecha, combining high speed, armour and fire power.


  • 2 high powered lasers in upper thighs. Forward firing in jet mode.
  • 1/2/4 lasers mounted on head. Vary by model.
  • Various numbers of short/medium/long ranged missiles. Warhead types vary from smoke to nuclear.
  • GU-11 Gun Pod. Standard issue 53-mm triple barreled rotary cannon
  • Conventional hand-to-hand attacks such as punch, kick, stomp or body block.
  • 20 short range missiles per booster pack, for a total of 40


Fighter Guardian Battloid
Speed: 3,150mph with boosters 670mph 60mph running, 150mph flying
Height: 22.3ft 29.6ft 45.9ft
Width: 48ft 48ft 20ft
Weight: 28.6 tons
Range: 5 years continual use
12 year average
Fighter Mode