Raidar-X [ADR-04-Mk X]


The Raidar X is a non-transformable mecha used as an anti-aircraft unit aboard the SDF-1, by the U.N. SPACY and local Earth governments. Raidar X is lighter weight and faster than the other Destroids, but relies only on one weapon type--its multi-action, laser armament system. However, the lasers provide multiple, long range attack capabilities unequalled by any other mecha, except for the M.A.C.II.

Despite the Raidar X's superior range, it suffers from several disadvantages. It is the lightest, and, therefore, least heavily armoured, relies on one weapon system, lacks any short range secondary weapons (although the lasers can be used at close range), and lacks hands; so it can not grasp, hold or perform any articulated work. Even its enhanced speed falls short against the speed of the Zentraedi Battle Pods.

Since the Zentraedi invasion, the Raidar X is used primarily for defence in air assaults and as a peace keeping tool, especially in remote regions and lowlands where its speed and power can be used to full advantage.


Crew: 1 or 2
Speed: 80mph
Height: 35.3ft
Width: 24.6ft
Length: 16.7ft
Weight: 27.1 tons

Weapon Systems:

  • 2 Double-barrel Laser Cannons
  • 2 Double-barrel 966-PFG Air Cooled Auto Cannons