M.A.C. Mini-Monster

The unparalleled range and firepower of the M.A.C. II Monster as a mobile artillery unit cannot be contested, but its size and lack of speed or maneuverability limits its application in the field. The RDF desired to make a destroid unit with heavy firepower that could manuever in the field of combat on a scale equal to the other destroid unit. The Spartan fits this need, but it cannot provide support at close quarters because of the destructive nature of its long-range missiles. The Raidar-X also suffers from similar restrictions. The solution was to build a smaller, more refined, yet agile and quick (at least comparable to the Spartan) version of the M.A.C. II Monster. The M.A.C. Mini-Monster was the end result.

The Mini-Monster is a scaled down version of the powerful Monster. Its main armaments are a pair of large weapon arms that resemble those of its full-size progenitor, but contains a double-barreled version of the Excalibur's PBC-11 particle beam cannons. That firepower is backed up by a large payload of medium-range missiles and a collection of short-range missiles for precision anti-armour strikes. The Mini-Monster is only slightly slower than the other destroids, butcan easily keep up with them on field missions and other operations. This destroid will test well and be mass produced, but only for a brief period before it is replaced by the more powerful and agile REF M.A.C. III


Crew: 2
Speed: 45mph
Height: 48ft
Width: 27ft
Weight: 87 tons fully loaded

Weapon Systems

  • 2x Double PBC-11 Particle Beam Cannons in arms
  • 24 MRMs in tubes on upper body
  • 20 SRMs in lower body