M.A.C. II Monster [HWR-00-Mk II]

The M.A.C.II is the largest, non-transformable, ground cruising mecha ever operated by mankind. It was developed, using the mobile systems of the Destroids, to be a moving fortress. Its design enables it to blast enemy ground troops and repel air assaults as well.

The M.A.C.II's destructive force is tremendous, perhaps equalled only by the Spartan and its array of heavy missiles. However, the practicality of this massive machine in actual combat is questionable. It suffers from poor mobility, the lowest speed of all Destroids, lack of any short range weaponry, lacks hands for articulated work, and its great mass makes it unsuitable for terrains with soft earth, wetlands, or mountainous regions. Only its incredible armour plating saves it from being totally vulnerable to enemy onslaughts.

Since the Zentraedi assault on the Earth, the M.A.C.II has been used as an artillery support system. However, they are also used to suppress major Zentraedi and rebel uprisings, and for law enforcement and defence in remote areas.


Crew: 2 or 3
Speed: 20mph
Height: 73.7ft
Width: 31.1ft
Length: 42.7ft
Weight: 186.3 tons empty, 285.5 tons fully loaded

Weapon Systems

  • 4, 40cm Auto Cannons
  • 2 Triple-Barreled Missile Launchers (24 SRM/MRM/LRM)
  • 2 Triple-Barreled Laser Cannons