Gladiator [MBR-07 Mk II]

The Gladiator is a non-transformable mecha used as a defence weapon system in deep space, aboard the SDF-1, and the by Earth Defence Force. Unlike its fellow Destroids (like the Excaliber) which are basically heavy artillery support units, the Gladiator is a frontline combat unit designed with an excellent balance of mobility, weaponry and hand to hand combat capabilities. Of all the Destroids, the Gladiator is the most versatile in overall mobility, agility and means of attack. It is the only Destroid that can engage in full hand to hand combat. So powerful are its slashing hands that they have been known to punch through the armour of Zentraedi assault pods. Its combat capabilities are augmented with an impressive combination of weapon systems.

The main disadvantage to the Gladiator is that it lacks any sort of long range weapon system. Another drawback, shared by all ground mecha, is that it is much slower than most of the enemy mecha it must face.

Since the Zentraedi assault on Earth, the Gladiator has become a major tool in the peace-keeping efforts during the difficult reconstruction of cities and society. It is the ideal unit for law enforcement, riot control, civil defence, reconnaissance, and patrols in remote areas.


Crew: 1 or 2
Speed: 65mph
Height: 37ft
Width: 27ft
Length: 20ft
Weight: 29.4 tons

Weapon Systems

  • ROV-10 Twin Barreled laser turret
  • 24 SRM's in shoulders
  • TZ-IV Gun Cluster under chest cover
    • Laser
    • 32mm Autocannon
    • 180mm Grenade Launcher
    • Flamethrower
  • Optional use of GU-11 Gun Pod
  • Battle-Mace
  • Conventional Hand-to-hand