Bioroid Worker

The workhorse of the Robotech Masters is the Bioroid Worker. It is somewhat broader built and shorter than its combat brethran, but equally tough. The Worker is used for construction, repairs in space, recovery, and any manual labour that requires great strength. These brutes can lift and carry weights of up to 60 tons! These bioroids are piloted by first stage clones; consequently, they are more machine than living creature.

As a combat weapon the worker is a washout. It is designed for strength; therefore, lacking the speed and agility of the other Bioroids. It can barely muster a running speed of 15mph and is lucky if it can leap a 10 ft. (3 m) hurdle without falling on its face. On the other hand, the fool who gets into punching range is going to get hit with the wallop of a pile driver.

The Worker has no conscious thoughts of its own. Its feeble brain is programmed for labour, is directed by the Clone Masters and kept placated by the harmoneous melody of the Cosmic Harp.


Crew: 1
Speed: 15mph
Height: 18ft
Width: 10ft
Weight: 18 tons