Invid Fighters

The most sophisticated version of the Robotech Master's bioroid system is the Invid Fighter. At first glance these fighters resemble the Leader Bioroid, for it too is red and incredibly agile. A closer look will reveal a different looking head and two hose-like appendages attached at the abdomen and the shoulders. Observation of the Inveid Fighters in combat will reveal their most deadly secret: Three fight as one.

The Invid Fighters are created and dispatched in units of three. Each of the three are piloted by identical, third stage clones. Through the mysterious link of the triumvirate (3), and direction from the Clone Masters, the three fight as one. They will move at the same time, simutaneously attack the same target, shoot at the exact moment, and fight without pause until all three are destroyed.

Fortunately, the bioroid triplets have a weak spot. Destruction of the head will completely immobilize the bioroid.


Crew: 1
Speed: 60mph
Height: 22ft
Width: 10ft
Weight: 12.5 tons

Weapon Systems:

  • Weapon Drum