Standard Combat Bioroid [Green]

The next step in the standard Combat Bioroid is the green mecha. It is fundamentally the same in general appearance, although the head looks more like the leader bioroid rather than blue, and the hose-like protrusion connects into the chest rather than the head.

The real differences are unseen. The Green Bioroid is a little faster, a little tougher, and is often piloted by young, third stage clones. The third stage clones are fully formed humanoids who can act and think for themselves, although always under the influence of the Clone Masters and the Cosmic Harp. The bioroid is at its most agile when piloted by a third stage clone. The young, third stage clone piloting a green bioroid has less combat experience and is equal to hand to hand expert skill of third level experience. However most are piloted by second stage clones.

Generally one out of every 24 blue, standard Combat Bioroids is a more advanced, Green Bioroid. Of those 60% are piloted by second stage clones.


Crew: 1
Speed: 35mph
Height: 22 ft
Width: 10ft
Weight: 12 tons

Weapon Systems:

  • Weapn Drum