Standard Combat Bioroid [Blue]

Standard Blue Combat Bioroid

The Standard Combat Bioroid is blue, with a long trunk-like hose protruding from the lower head to its belly. This is the main combat force in the Bioroid army. Agile, tough, and as quick moving any Earth mecha, they pose a greater threat than the comparitively flimsy Zentraedi mecha. Their movements and attack formations are orchestrated by the Clone Masters, who move them about like the playing pieces in a game of chess.

The main armament of the Blue Combat Bioroid is a drum-like weapon that fires powerful, armor piercing, explosive ammunition. The explosive projectiles are more effective against troops of the Southern Cross than their laser resistant armour. An even more lethal device is the Hover Craft or Hover Sled. The open-air platform allows for maximum movement of its driver, hand to hand combat, and high manoeuverability. During combat, the Bioroid can leap from the platform to engage in ground combat. The platforms fly out of harm's way under the control of the Clone masters who oversee.

Stage one and stage two clones are the living occupants of the blue, Standard Bioroid.


Crew: 1
Speed: 30mph
Height: 22ft
Width: 10ft
Weight: 11 tons

Weapon Systems:

  • Weapon Drum