Scrim Inorganic

Scrim Inorganic

The Scrim is the next most common killing machine in the Invid's zombie army of automatons. Although smaller than the Odeon, it is far faster and more deadly. The two huge arm-like appendages sport two blade-like claws that operate like the CADS-1 of the human's Sabre cyclone. Underneath these slashing claws is a large globe that resembles the underwater mines of old Earth's World War I. From these a toxic gas is emitted that will kill most mammals who breathe it. In the centre of this nightmare are three lashing claws, giving it the advantage in hand to hand combat. Above the arms is its one sensor eye. An ugly spike adorns each kneeplate to inflict greater damage from a knee jab. This monster is the ultimate warrior of the inorganics.


Crew: None
Speed: 100mph
Height: 11ft
Width: 7ft
Length: 6ft
Weight: 2700lbs

Weapon Systems:

  • Blade Claws
  • Hand to hand