Scout [Iigaa]


The most common Invid is the Invid Scout. Keeping with the analogy of bees, the Invid Scout is like a little worker bee, busily buzzing about in search of protoculture and enemies. Although the least capable in combat, the small red scout is astonishingly fast, manoeuvrable and fearless. The scout carries no long-range armaments, but is claws and forearm shield blades (the black design portion of the arms) can slice through an opponent with appalling ease.

The Invid Scouts randomly patrol the surface of the Earth, as well as sporadic patrols in space and around the moon. Whenever protoculture is found, the patrol zooms in to destroy it and its users. If strong resistance is encountered, one or two scouts will break away and speed off to get reinforcements. The remaining Invid Scouts will engage the enemy and fight to their last dying breath. Reinforcements will usually include a Shock Trooper or Pincer with Armoured Scouts (or regular Scouts or Troopers).


Crew: 1
Speed: 2345mph flying, 40mph running
Height: 8.3ft
Width: 12.3ft
Length: 10.7ft
Weight: 4.5 tons

Weapon Systems:

  • 1 Claw per arm
  • Concealed arm blades