Odeon Inorganic


One of the most common inorganics is the Odeon, a humanoid with a huge barrel chest, slender insect legs, twisted arms and one unblinking eye. The Odeons are used for labour, construction, and intricate work in addition to being a frontline assault unit.

Unlike the incredibly agile and quick Cougar, or Crann, the Odeon is a lumbering, but seemingly unstoppable giant. To augment its poor hand to hand capabilities, the Odeon can operate a powerful hand-held blaster. Odeons are the slowest of all the inorganics, but are also nearly indestructible. They can endure a frightening amount of damage without slowing their telltale plodding gait. They could be thought of as the armoured (tank) division of the Invid's zombie legions.


Crew: None
Speed: 40mph
Height: 17ft
Width: 8ft
Length: 4ft
Weight: 3200lbs

Weapon Systems:

  • Laser Pistol