Enforcer [Hive Guard]


The Invid Enforcers are stage four Invid pilots encased in a powerful exoskeleton of armour (power armour). Their main role is to "enforce" the will of the Regent. Unlike the lesser invid, the Enforcers are intelligent and capable of independent thought and decision making. They can command Invid Scouts, Armoured Scouts, Troopers, Shock Troopers and Inorganics.

It is the Enforcers who serve and aid the Invid Brains and the Regent. Consequently, they are also known as "Royal Hive Units" or "Hive Guards". However, their duties are not limited to the hive. An Enforcer may lead a reconnaissance patrol or assault team, or direct operations at a protoculture farm or slave camp. The Enforcers are also the Invid's interrogators, surgeons (experimenting on humans) and technicians, handling all the more delicate and precision tasks. They act as direct contacts with Invid sympathizers and help coordinate traps to capture/kill freedom fighters. It is also the Enforcers who operate the Genesis Pits.


Crew: 1
Speed: 200mph flying, 30 running
Height: 7ft
Width: 4ft
Length: 3ft
Weight: 500lbs

Weapon Systems:

  • Conclealed Forearm lasers
  • Energy Rifle