Crann Inorganic


The Crann is a reconnaissance assault unit. It is quicker and more agile than its humanoid brothers and is imbedded with multiple sensor units. A huge sensor eye is located in its lower abdomen, head unit, and both of its hands. the hands can detach from the arms and crawl along on their three fingers like something out of a grade-B science fiction movie. Everything the hand sees, the Crann and its controlling Brain also see.

Unlike the other combat oriented inorganics, the Crann is programmed to observe the enemy, transmitting valuable data to the Invid brain. It will engage in combat only to defend itself, to defend an Invid Brain or if commanded to do so by a Brain, the Regent or a Red Enforcer.


Crew: None
Speed: 110mph
Height: 11ft
Width: 6ft
Length: 6ft
Weight: 2600lbs

Weapon Systems:

  • Top-mounted laser
  • Energy Tongue
  • Hand to hand