Royal Command Battloid

Royal Command Battloid

The Royal Command Battloid is a new design developed by the Regis to accommodate the human-like Invid pilots (stage 5). This is the biggest, most agile and versatile of the Invid mecha and can be considered to be equal to Alpha and Beta, or any Veritech in battloid mode.

As if its manoeuvrability and size were not intimidating enough, the Command Battloid is equipped with a plasma cannon arm shield and a payload of missiles similar to the Alpha's. The missiles are fired from the back of the protruding jet thrusters.

The Royal Command Battloid is assigned to command troops, conduct sieges, go on search and destroy missions, direct operations at protoculture farms and processing plants, and can even be placed in charge of hive outposts. They might be best thought of as the generals of the Invid army. They are deadly, merciless combatants who seem to excel at war. Unlike most of the Invid mecha pilots, the Royal Command Battloid pilot is intelligent, observant and clever. They can assess information and act on their own volition. One in every 300 Troopers or Shock Troopers will be a Royal Command Battloid.


Crew: 1
Speed: 1340mph flying, 70mph running
Height: 29ft
Width: 13ft
Length: 12ft
Weight: 23 tons

Weapon Systems:

  • Shield/Plasma Cannon
  • 48 SRM's