Armoured Scout [Iigua]

Armoured Scout

The Armoured Scout enjoys the same popularity as the Invid Scout. Both are almost identical in every way, except that the armoured scout is a little more durable and has a pair of plasma pulse blasters mounted on what appear to be shoulder plates. Otherwise, the two units, scout and armoured scout, look identical.

The real difference is its combat capabilities. In addition to the hand to hand combat of the regular Scout, the Armoured Scout is equipped with plasma weapons, adding the versatility of distance attacks. Its body armour is somewhat heavier, making for a tougher combat unit, but without a loss of mobility. The design concept is to have a small, quick combat unit suitable for reconnaissance, defense and offense.


Crew: 1
Speed: 2345mph flying, 40mph running
Height: 9ft
Width: 12.3ft
Length: 10.7ft
Weight: 5 tons

Weapon Systems:

  • Two Pulse Beam Cannons
  • Arm claws
  • Concealed Arm Blades