Soldier Battloid

Soldier Battloid

The Soldier Battloid is a mass produced, one man, frontline infantry unit designed specifically as a land-based war machine. It can be easily recognized by its "Popeye"-like arms, very round contours and bulbous features. Two, huge power cords wrap around the chest and back. Its feet are cleated for better traction and two, small, jet thrusters, built into the calves of both legs, provide additional lift and speed. Augmented by the leg thrusters, the Soldier Battloid can perform jet boosted leaps and trudge through deep snow, mud, and swamps, and it even provides limited underwater and space capabilities.

The only built-in weapon system is the E.B.S.I.S.' now infamous plasma generator. This unique device generates and fires bolts of plasma energy. The small square mouth-like appendage in the head is the weapon nozzle.

The only other weapon used by the Soldier Battloid is the A.K.G.-47, 55mm, three barrel, gun pod. Yes, your suspicions are right. The A.K.G.-47 is the Soviet version of the RDF GU-11 gun pod. Except for a few stylistic changes, the weapon even looks identical to the out moded GU-11.

NOTE: E.B.S.I.S. battloids are NOT laser resistant nor do they utilize parrying shields.


Crew: 1
Speed: 50mph, 8mph underwater
Height: 35ft
Width: 15ft
Length: 9ft
Weight: 18 tons

Weapon Systems:

  • Plasma Ejector
  • AKG-47 Gun Pod (53mm)