The Armies of the Southern Cross

The Southern Cross World Headquarters is located at Monument City near what was once the Canadian (Calgary)/Montana border. This site was selected for three reasons:

  1. The global army could secure and cordon off the historic site of the SDF-1 and SDF-2. It was here that Khyron, the insane Zentraedi, made his suicide run into the famous battle fortress. Despite attempts to "clean" the site, dangerous levels of radiation permeate the area. To avoid endangering the lives of the curious and reverent, the giant warships have ben buried and placed off limits. The presence of the Southern Cross insures this.
  2. Legends of the SDF-1 and the secrets that might remain hidden inside her attract high-tech pirates. For their own protection, as well as world security, they must not be allowed to plunder the vessels.
  3. The SDF-1 is a symbol of man's tenacity and triumph over a seemingly unbeatable foe. The Southern Cross' close proximity to the famous vessel stirs the hearts of all people, and at the same time imparts a certain credibility to Earth's new defenders.

Monument City is a massive military complex, complete with Robotechnology, manufacturing, space capabilities, arsenal, medical, housing, civilian and training facilities. It is the home of the Tactical Corps, tactical Air Force, the Cosmic Unit, and mecha divisions the Alpha Tactical Armoured Corp (ATAC) and the Tactical Armoured Space Corp (TASC). The Global Military Police (GMP) also have a major unit established at Monument City. All of these specific branches of the Southern Cross are headquartered in the North American Sector.

The Civil Defence Unit (ground troops), Civil Defence Flying Corp, and Recon Escort Patrol, are headquartered at the old RDF Yellowstone Base, about 150 miles to the south. The Yellowstone Base is considered to be part of the Monument City/Southern Cross military complex, which should give you a fair idea of the Armies' scope. A small branch of the Robotech Defence Force (RDF) also still operates out of the Yellowstone Base in co-operation with the Southern Cross. A small arsenal of RDF mecha, in perfect condition, is maintained by the RDF. This tiny arsenal is comparatively the greatest collection in the world. They include: 20 Excaliber, 48 Gladiators, 27 Raidar X, 12 Spartans, 4 M.A.C.IIs and a squadron of 7 Veritech Fighters.

The remaining six Armies are found throughout the world, in trouble spots, strategic locations, and specific environments. They include the Cold Weather Offensive Squad in Scandinavia and polar regions, Humid Climate Offensive Squad in the Eastern Sector, the Jungle Squad in the Congo, South America and Eastern Sector, The Desert Squad patrolling the world's wastelands, Sea Squad and Mountain Offensive Squad.

Within each of the Fifteen Armies of the Southern Cross are squadrons and battalions assigned to various parts of the world. They might operate alone, as separate military units, or combined with the different armies in a much larger offensive. During the Second Robotech War, the Armies of the Southern Cross and most of the global powers will unite to combat a common enemy, the Robotech Masters.

[Global Military Police]

The Global Military Police (G.M.P.)

The G.M.P. is a powerful intelligence agency that operates within, and outside of, the Southern Cross. It is the only, truly worldwide, law enforcement agency keeping tight reins on all global powers, including the Armies of the Southern Cross. As a sort of big brother, the G.M.P. casts a watchful eye on those who have access to robotechnology and high technology. To effectively do this the GMP has its own war machinery, combat forces and intelligence network. The elite soldiers of the G.M.P. are answerable only to officers within that branch of the service, the supreme commander of the Southern Cross and the scrutiny of the United Earth Government.

The Global Military Police possess top security clearance and have access to all conventional arms, armour, equipment and vehicles, including the hover cycle and other hover craft. Special items exclusive to the GMP include their giant Security Robots and the GMP Multi-purpose Battloid. Although the Military Police often act on their own volition without the approval or knowledge of their superiors. The attitudes of these elite soldiers are that of superiority, cunning and secretiveness. For this reason the soldiers of the Armies tend to view the GMP with suspicion and contempt. If all the other Armies are brothers of the same military fraternity, the GMP is the sly, lone wolf.

The Global Military Police are basically military specialists, highly trained in combat and espionage. Most of the G.M.P.'s training revolves around intelligence, tracking fugitives, infiltrating enemy strongholds, and clandestine operations.

The G.M.P.'s training does NOT include mecha. However, the character can learn to pilot a Battloid. In this regard, it is one of the few O.C.C.'s that allows E.B.S.I.S. Battloid piloting/hand to hand skills to be learned. Most of the skills reflect covert activity. While the GMP has a reputation for being ruthless, even with its own people, many of these men and women are as loyal, dedicated and trustworthy as any other O.C.C.

The Tactical Corp (T.C.)

The main, frontline army of the Southern Cross is the Tactical Corp. Like the United States Marines of old, the soldiers of the T.C. are trained in the art of hand to hand combat in all environments. Consequently, they function equally well in forest, jungle, desert or urban environments, as well as limited training for space and sea combat. They are tough, down to earth warriors dedicated to the protection of the planet Earth and all her people. Wherever they are, the T.C. are the true grunts of the Southern Cross' fifteen armies.

The Tactical Corp is composed of warriors! These capable men and women are highly trained in the skills of war and little else. the T.C. are almost always involved in seek and destroy missions, rescue, reconnaissance, assaults and other, dangerous, combat expeditions.

T.C. training can include mecha, but is strictly limited to Pilot Battloid and Battloid Mecha combat. No other mecha piloting skills are available. The Tactical Corp utilizes battloids to such an extent that they have their own design, the T.C. Recon Battloid. The T.C. Battloid is specifically designed to accommodate the versatility of combat needs of the corp. Consequently, it is fast, mobile and deadly.

Tactical Air Force (T.A.F.)

Like their ground counterparts, the Tactical Air Force represents the main aerial combat force of the Southern Cross. the soldiers of the T.A.F. are trained combat pilots in all conventional fighter aircraft, and the Phantom and Specter jet fighters specifically.

The T.A.F. are masters of aerial combat who seem to bring their fighters to life like giant birds of prey. No pilots in the world can match the T.A.F. in aerial combat. On the ground they are capable soldiers, trained in hand to hand combat, and skilled in the use of the jet pack which can transform the ground-locked pilot himself into a soaring bird of prey. The sight of a squad of T.A.F. pilots darting through the skies, powered only by their small jet pack, can be as impressive as their high speed, precision manoeuvres in jet fighters.

Although a T.A.F. pilot can be trained to operate a Battloid, it is not part of their formal training, and must be selected as the "other" skill or as part of a MOS package. They are NOT able to pilot the Logan or AJACS Veritech fighters.

The Tactical Armoured Space Corp (T.A.S.C.)

The T.A.S.C. is an elite army trained to pilot transformable, Veritech, air and space mecha. Their main mecha of choice is the versatile transatmospheric space mecha, AJACS Attack Copter. Many believe the AJACS is more formidable in space than the old VF series Veritech Fighters.

Experts in Veritech air vehicles, the T.A.S.C. pilots also pilot the transformable Logan. A light Veritech fighter best suited for aerial combat.

The T.A.S.C. fighter pilot is the only character trained to pilot the transformable, Veritech AJACS Attack 'Copter and Logan fighter. As an expert Veritech pilot this character could also plot the old VF series Veritech Fighters, but without the Veritech mecha Combat Skill. The VF series Veritech is NOT a part of the Southern Cross' compliment of mecha.

The Veritech pilot is taught every aspect of his machine under the most difficult combat conditions on land, air and space. Although the T.A.S.C. pilot can learn to pilot Battloids, it is not part of the formal training and must be selected as one of the character's "other" skills, or as one of the skills selected for a pilot MOS. Each additional mecha combat skill counts as one skill.

The T.A.S.C. body armour is unique in that it is designed for mobility in space. To accomplish this, it has several manoeuvering jets built into the feet, knees and chest, and shield. Speed and mobility can be further enhanced with the addition of the Space Booster Back Pack. The self contained oxygen supply of the body armour enables these bold warriors to function in space without the protection of their mecha or spacecraft.

Alpha Tactical Armoured Corp (A.T.A.C.)

The super-elite grunts of the ground forces are the A.T.A.C. pilots who operate the Veritech Hover Tanks (V.H.T.). The Veritech Hover Tank may outclass the RFD's Destroids as the most devastating ground mecha created by man. Its three modes of operation/transformation certainly gives the mecha greater speed and versatility of movement than any Destroid. In raw strength, the Battloid mode compares closely with the Gladiator. In firepower, the VHT rivals the Excaliber. It is a truly remarkable, all terrain, assault mecha.

The A.T.A.C. soldier undergoes a gruelling training program, both with and without the mecha. At the end of the program, man and machine function as one. the transformation sequences are smooth, instant transitions that take advantage of the mecha's versatility to optimize every situation. Additional mecha training in the use of non-transformable battloids is available if desired.

The ATAC represents the Armies of the Southern Cross' heavy, mobile combat units. As such, they are deployed in frontline offensives, used as heavy support units, and often assigned to operate with other armies, divisions and special teams. Assignments vary greatly from spearheading an assault to escorting an important dignitary. Typically, the ATAC are sent on the most dangerous missions. These can be reconnaissance deep within enemy territory, assault, seek and destroy, rescue, defense, and may even take them into space. The Veritech Hover Tank is space worthy, but lacks a proper propulsion system and suffers from very limited mobility unless on the ground or in/on a spacecraft. Likewise the VHT is an adequate underwater vehicle, but suffers from the same lack of mobility. Maximum depth underwater is one mile (1.6 km).

The Recon Escort Patrol (R.E.P.)

The Recon Escort Patrol is a highly specialized army responsible for penetrating the enemy line to gather intelligence and provide support for tactical and covert operations. Consequently, the R.E.P. often works with the T.C. and G.M.P., as special teams. They are trained to operate in all environments including space, but most operations are ground-based.

The R.E.P.'s area of expertise is simple, "locate, identify and neutralize the enemy". The escort aspect of operations means that a R.E.P. team will accompany an individual, squadron or convoy; scouting ahead to make certain that any enemies in the area are located, identified and neutralized before they can harm the target of the escort.

The R.E.P. character is a tough, cunning, fighting machine that can live off the land and engage the enemy. As previously stated, these soldiers are assigned to protect and escort individuals or operations which are likely to be targets of enemy assault. The R.E.P. also engage in long range reconnaissance patrols and hunter-killer missions to provide intelligence for other army units. Although an R.E.P. soldier (s) may be assigned to a special team that uses mecha, and readily acknowledges the usefulness of the giant machines, he himself, will not pilot mecha. Recon operations require becoming part of the land. To move swiftly and silently through the underbrush, something you cannot do with mecha.

The Cosmic Unit (C.U.)

If there can be such a thing as space commandos, then the Cosmic Unit are they. These dynamic soldiers are trained to operate in the unusual conditions unique to outerspace. It is the Cosmic Unit who guards and protects the various off-world colonies, outposts and space stations.

The C.U. soldier is an expert in space combat and a fair pilot. They protect off-world outposts, protect and escort space shuttles, conduct reconnaissance/exploration missions, track down fugitives, and perform missions of rescue and recovery.

To provide this Army with a bit of extra muscle the C.U. has a non-transformable Battloid designed for use in space. The Battloid has a myrid of uses, from manual labour to assault and defense. the Battloid has several manoeuvering jets in the front and back that provide it with amazing speed and agility in space.

The C.U. body armour is also designed for use in outerspace. The soldier can leave the shelter of the spacecraft knowing that his environmental body armour will keep him safe. But the armour is more than just a protective suit; it is a self-propelling unit. Manoeuvering jets in the feet, chest, back, and combat shield, can propel the warrior at speeds of up to 20 mph (32 kph). The jets also allow for exceptionally fluid movement. The addition of the space booster jet pack just enhances the overall mobility.

The Civil Defense Unit (C.D.U.)

The army of civil defense is composed of spit and polish soldiers whose purpose is public relations as much as it is combat. The C.D.U. are the urban police sent into a troubled city to protect it against an invader or itself. They provide high visibility to create a feeling of security among the civilian population.

To assume that the C.D.U. is a second-rate army is a mistake. These men and women are not only well trained soldiers but urban guerillas. their battleground is the city and they know how to operate within it.

The C.D.U. is the army foremost in the mind of the people. they represent law, order, justice, security and strength. In addition to combat, the C.D.U. works with the people to establish a chain of communication, maintain medical and transport facilities, and defensive procedures under conditions of war.

As the people's tangible link to the military, the C.D.U. tries to recruit capable, exemplary soldiers. Soldiers who will conduct themselves with restraint, understanding and compassion. The C.D.U. also acts as ground support army, following the Tactical Corp or armoured divisions into combat.

Since the C.D.U. often has to operate without the support of the other offensive armies, and because they must function in a civilian environment, they have Battloids.

The C.D.U. utilizes Battloids (non-transformable mecha) more than any other army. The use of the Souther Cross' smaller (20 ft/6.1 m) sized Battloids is ideal for an urban environment. the humanoid shape allows for superior mobility, protection and power. A sort of walking tank. This is especially important since the C.D.U. is often on its own as the last line of defense, or the only civilian/city defense available during wartime.

The Civil Defense Flying Corp (C.D.F.C.)

The C.D.F.C. works with the Civil Defense Unit to police and defend non-military outposts and cities. The fundamental concepts surrounding the army for civil defense were unchanged. the difference is simply that the C.D.F.C. is a tactical air unit.

The orientation of the C.D.F.C. is reconnaissance, observation, action and speed, through flight. Soldiers of the Flying Corp buzzing around skyscrapers and through alleyways like mad hornets are a common sight. The jet pack attachment to the body armour is a superb personal means of transportation, especially in the confines of the city. The flying units are so effective that they have been nicknamed "the eyes of the Civil Defense Corp."

The most often deployed modes of flight are helicopters and jet pack. Other aircraft, including older jet fighters like the L.V.T. Adventurer II, are also used in conflicts beyond the perimeter of the city. The Commanchero and Sea-sergeant assault helicopters have become two of the main assault vehicles of the C.D.F.C. Battloids are rarely used by this civil defense army.

Cold Weather Offensive Squad (C.W.O.S.)

The C.W.O.S. is an army specially trained for operation in frigid wastelands and icy tundra. The can be found in and around polar regions and Scandinavia Quadrant.

These characters are wilderness and survival specialists trained for forbidding Arctic environments. Their body armour is specifically designed for sub-zero weather. Additional insulation and a heating/cooling system regulates the internal temperature at a steamy, 60 to 70 degrees fahrenheit. The helmet visor is filtered to protect against snow blindness. Also, night falls quickly in the Arctic, with a darkness city people can not imagine. Thus, a small light is mounted in the right breastplate of the armour for reading and close work. a large searchlight is built into the cold weather utility belt along with its temperature controlled compartments.

The C.W.O.S. soldier can learn to pilot a Battloid, but can Not take the massive, heavy mecha into the wilderness. Battloids and all land based mecha into the wilderness. battloids and all land based mecha are too heavy, slow and awkward under Arctic conditions. The giant machines are useful only at a city or military base where they can patrol the perimeter and assist in labour.

Humid Climate Offensive Squad (H.C.O.S.)

The H.C.O.S. is another army trained to operate Under particular conditions and environments. Humid climates specifically refer to sub-tropical and swamp conditions. Consequently, these troops are scattered around the world at such notable places as the old state of Florida, Mediterranean Islands, and parts of Africa and India.

The H.C.O.S. are like the United States Green Berets, trained for deadly, first strikes and special operations. Although the H.C.O.S. can operate in any environment, they are most familiar with marshy, subtropical conditions. They are masters of camouflage and infiltration.

The H.C.O.S. character can elect to learn Battloid skills, but is really more of a foot soldier. battloids are difficult to conceal during recon or clandestine operations.

Mountain Offensive Squad (M.O.S.)

A special force trained in the arts of mountain climbing, the M.o.S. can be found within the mountains of the world. From time to time, the skilled daredevils of the M.o.S. are called upon to perform less traditional feats, such as scaling skyscrapers, spacecraft and the crater pocked wastelands.

The Mountain Squad is trained in all types of climbing and scaling techniques. generally they are called in for special assignments or placed as a member of a special team.

The body armour of the Mountain Squad is designed to address their specific needs for climbing. The shoulders are large, heavily reinforced compartments that contain a 100 ft towline/rappelling line. On top of the shoulders, forearms, hips, knees, and back, are heavy, reinforced rope clips. The feet are ridged for better traction, and can be replaced with electromagnetic pads to scale metal surfaces.

Battloids are rarely used by the M.o.S., but Battloid piloting and combat skills can be selected.

Desert Squad (D.S.)

The desert Squad is a ground force that patrols the vast wastelands and deserts of the world. The D.S. are savage fighters who relish the opportunity to engage in combat, especially hand to hand combat. many of these men and women are ex-mercenaries and people who have eked out a modest living in the harsh, desolate outbacks. Many have fought Zentraedi and bandits. Many once were bandits. Yet despite their checkered past, most of the D.S. are loyal and trustworthy.

The Desert Squad character is a hard-boiled soldier who tends to think with his/her fists. most are used to a hard life and think little of the bleak existence they endure. It is nearly 20 years since the Zentraedi laid waste to most of the planet, and still the crater filled wastelands are slow to return to life. law and order are unknown in the land scorched by the Zentraedi onslaught. Nomads, hunters, bandits, rogue Zentraedi, and high tech bandits, hide among twisted ruins and shattered earth. it is a harsh world. it is the world of the Desert Squad.

These characters can elect to pilot battloids (and take Battloid combat), but tend to prefer man to man, hand to hand combat.

Jungle Squad (J.S.)

The soldiers of the Jungle squad are experts in jungle survival and operations. Their primary purpose is combat and intelligence. troops are currently stationed in the Amazon jungle of the South American Sector, China, Indochina and Indonesia Quadrants.

The J.S. are capable jungle fighters, familiar with commando and guerilla tactics. Assignments can be reconnaissance, assault, rescue, intelligence, escort, track a fugitive, or search and destroy. The J.S. rarely use battloids, but the characters can elect to choose pilot Battloid and Battloid combat.

The Sea Squad (S.S.)

The navy branch of the military is the Sea Squad. The Sea Squad patrols the seas and oceans of the world. A variety of conventional warships and submarines are deployed, as well as 4 SLV Beachmaster Class Vessels and 9 CVS Submersible Aircraft Carriers.

Characters in this branch of the service are highly skilled in underwater combat and exploration. they engage in underwater reconnaissance, rescue, combat, demolitions and recovery. Currently, an experimental underwater city, off the northwest coast of the Australia quadrant, absorbs most of the Sea Squad's attention. The majority of the fleet can be found in waters of the Eastern Sector.

The Sea Squad has little need for mecha, but do utilize battloids and the Logan (piloted by T.A.S.C.) on the giant warships and major land bases. Consequently, the character can select Battloid pilot and combat skills.