Southern Cross Non-Transformable Battloids

Giant mecha of humanoid shape have always proven to be extremely versatile and excellent all terrain vehicles (ATV). The ability to grasp, carry, climb, run, leap, kick, grapple and so on, effectively creates a giant, powerful extension of the human body. The use of protoculture so binds the human pilot and his machine host body that each compliments the other perfectly, both functioning as one. Movement is almost fluid and easy as the unhampered body. Consequently, it is little wonder that the Armies of the Southern Cross have constructed a handful of these battloids to assist them in their efforts.

Generally speaking, the purpose of these mechanical gargantuans are rescue, recovery, and reconnaissance. they can dig through debris to retrieve survivors or objects better than any conventional construction or earth moving machines. The mecha can pick up and cradle a small child in its hands or crush an armored vehicle. Its array of sensors can identify the living or mechanical with equal ease. The armoured goliath's can scale a mountain or skyscraper, manoeuvre around buildings and tight areas, or punch their way through that same building.

Like the Zentraedi Female Power Armour and most mecha, the pilot sits in the chest to operate the battloid. Surrounding him in the cockpit is an array of viewing screens, sensor displays and controls. Most battloids require one pilot and can accommodate one or two passengers.