Robotech Master's Society

The Robotech Masters

The Robotech Masters, themselves, are physically weak and, except for their machines and minions, defenceless. It is the "Masters" who are the driving force and true power behind their people. Unfortunately, they are a misguided force that has lost any vestiges of humanity long ago. The Masters are driven by greed and power. Nothing more. They understand fear, anger, hate, and compassion only as tools to be used to manipulate others. Love, friendship and true caring are forgotten, and as alien as the Invid.

Once great strategists, the Robotech Masters have lost that edge too. They are (were) so powerful that the only tactics they use are intimidation and raw force. Fear has always been their ultimate weapon, instilled by their Zentraedi warriors and vast armadas of ships, and fuelled by technology that seemed to dwarf most others. But with the destruction of their Zentraedi and the loss of a protoculture supply, the Master's power base is gone, and their empire crumbles.

The Robotech Masers still command great power. The bioroids and technology at the disposal of their small, Earthbound, fleet is enough to lock our planet in global war. It is only the Earth people's tenacity, courage and own protoculture technology that enables them to engage the weakened Robotech Masters in a battle royal.

The Clone Masters

One of the elite ranks in the Robotech Hierarchy is the Clone Masters. The Clone Masters serve two distinct purposes.

  1. Military strategists and tacticians
  2. To command and direct the bioroid pilots.

Except for the third stage clones, the bioroid pilots are reactionary, fighting brains that respond only to combat stimulation. It is the Clone Masters, in units of three, that control, direct and manoeuvre the lumbering dreadnoughts as a logical combat force. It is the Clone Masters who manipulate the bioroids to function as a team. Without their telepathic direction the bioroids would fight without focus, lashing out at any enemy they may spy.

The Clone Masters also control the non-combatant, worker bioroids, and provide instructions/commands to the cloned, third stage, bioroid leaders and Invid Fighters. The Clone Masters are not physically trained warriors and are, generally, as helpless in a fight as the Robotech Masters. They are able to vent their frustrations and aggressions through the actions of their clone slaves.

The Science Masters

Another elite segment in the Robotech Hierarchy is the Robotech Scientist. The scientists are the only ones among the Robotech Masters who have a full understanding of the intricate workings of protoculture and Robotechnology. It is they who have developed protoculture techniques in cloning, mechanics and energy. The scientists continue to experiment with Robotechnology, as well as maintaining the bioroids, spacecrafts, and all other technological wonders.

Like their comrades, they are not physically oriented and possess no combat training or physical aptitude. Also like their fellow techno-voyagers, the scientists view other life forms as scientifically interesting, but clearly inferior to them and the Robotech Masters. Their callous view toward life, compounded by their cunning, makes them extremely dangerous.

They are consumed with retrieving the last known supply of protoculture from the wreckage of the SDF-1. Without it the Robotech Masters are doomed to oblivion. The existing supply of protoculture is extremely old and nearly devoid of energy. While an alternative energy source could be put into use, the ability to manufacture their clones would be lost. Without clone slaves their entire lifestyle would be threatened. Worse yet, mortality would become a reality again. For without new clone bodies, the Masters would be trapped in their old, deteriorating bodies, succumb to age, and die. With death would come the end of the Robotech Master's intergalactic dynasty.

The Mistress Of The Cosmic Harp (Musika)

The Robotech Masters' gargantuan asteroid-type motherships possess a Mistress of the Cosmic Harp. The "cosmic harp" is a musical instrument composed of light beams instead of strings. Breaking the beam of light will emit a musical tone. Hand gestures through the harp's light beams create music. The music is piped throughout the spacecraft and has a soothing effect on the clones that dwell within. The music can be manipulated to soothe and sedate, or to stimulate and actually motivate and direct clone activity. In this way, the Robotech Masters can maintain a constant, harmonious pattern of clone productivity. Without the cosmic harp, or its mistress, the clones become confused, agitated and hostile.

[Tiresian Citizens]

The Tyrolian Citizens

The people who populate the Robotech Masters' massive spacecraft consider themselves citizens of the planet Tirol, the homeworld of the Masters. In reality, they are hundreds of triplet clones, created from the original people, to populate new planets. They have some knowledge of history, technology, and even Robotechnology, but not enough to act on their own or threaten the Robotech Masters' power structure. They are simply pawns in a much larger game. Under the effect of the Cosmic Harp they are completely loyal to their Masters and operate as a productive microcosm of society.

Bioroid Basic Pilot - First Stage Clone

The most rudimentary clone, bioroid pilot is a non-human entity that resembles little more than clumps of flesh. The secret to mecha mobility is interaction with a living creature. Without a humanoid to connect with it in a symbiotic linkage, the mecha is just another machine. However, when joined with a humanoid it can respond as an extension of that person, with an agility that is impossible to recreate in ordinary machines. The first stage, protoplasmic type, clone is an attempt to satisfy the requirements needed to create a biological link with a bioroid.

The first stage clone can't really be called intelligent, but it does have a brain programmed for combat. It recognizes, and responds to combat like a living computer. However, the incompletely formed, humanoid clone can not respond quite as well as a second stage clone.

The first stage clones operate the worker bioroids, as well as some of the blue, standard bioroids. As usual, they are directed by the telepathic guidance of the Clone Masters.

It is pointless to give these underdeveloped clones any statistical data because they can only function when inside a bioroid, and even then only in a minimal capacity.

Bioroid Drone Pilot - Second Stage Clone

The Bioroid Drone is a humanoid clone created and programmed to pilot the blue, standard bioroids. A Human(oid) pilot is not required, but preferred because the symbiotic link between the mecha and humanoid is superior to any other. The drone or piloting clone body is devoid of emotion or thought. Its brain is emptied of these distracting characteristics. Instead, it is programmed exclusively for combat as a bioroid. The pilot's only thoughts are primal, basic, actions and reactions. Strike, parry, dodge and strike. Kill or be killed. The semblance of strategy and tactics, teamwork and purpose are instilled by the Clone Masters who control them. Through their telepathic abilities the Clone masters act as generals, directing their troops in combat with telepathic end empathic messages.

Outside the bioroid, the drone pilot is like a mindless zombie awaiting its next call to combat.

If clones can not be manufactured quickly enough to satisfy combat needs, the Robotech masters can use other, intelligent humanoids to be converted into drone pilots. The process is horrible. The humanoid is subjected to a mind wiping process known as the Zylonic Mental Probe. The probe erases memory and emotion, and programs the empty mind for piloting the bioroids. The process is not unlike a lobotomy. Once the mind is blank, except for its small area of programming, the victim is susceptible to the control of the Clone Masters.

Bioroid Pilots - Third Stage Clone

The bioroid pilot is the most advanced of the three types of piloting entities. They are fully developed, combatant clones. That is to say full humanoid life forms with an active, thinking mind. They are programmed for one thing only: to fight. Somewhat like the Zentraedi, the bioroid pilot is a warrior without fear of death. They are quite literally, fighting machines.

Like the human's Veritech pilots, the flesh and blood pilot becomes one with his mecha. Linked through a superior symbiosis, the Robotech Master's bioroid responds with even greater speed and agility than the human's. Truly a deadly foe in and out of his mecha.

The Invid Fighter Pilots

The pilots of the Invid Fighter Bioroids are basically identical to the Bioroid Pilot, except that they are cloned as triplets and fight as three. During combat, the triplets fight and act as one unit. All three will attack the same target, fire at the same time, and manoeuvre the same. All other data is identical to the bioroid pilot.