The Invid: Aliens in an Alien Land

It is important to point out that the Regis and her Invid are not necessarily evil, just completely alien to the human animal and, therefore, dangerously indifferent. She does not direct her forces to destroy and enslave the people of the earth out of spite or revenge, but out of callousness. Humans simply represent an obstacle to the achievement of her ultimate goal: to reestablish the Invid Flower of Life and to find a new homeworld for her children (the Invid).The destruction of humans was carried out with the same cold, unthinking and indifference as when a human might go about the methodical extermination of mice in a building he wishes to occupy. The mice are not perceived to be the rightful inhabitants of the building, but seen as annoying pests that must be eliminated before the place can be completely refurbished and occupied. So it was with the Invid. It would be years later, through continued "enlightened evolution," that the Regis would become more human-like and perceive a certain kinship with humans.

It is this lack of human emotions, sensitivity and understanding that makes the Invid the heartless murderers they are. They are completely alien. Inhumans who understand nothing about human beings nor human technology. Although we both use protoculture and seem to have similar levels of technology, our sciences are utterly different. The Regis can alchemically alter the genetic structure of an Invid in a matter of minutes, create the hives out of thin air and erect the Genesis Pits, but can not comprehend the simple workings of a bicycle.

Her children, the Invid troops, understand even less. that is why a human can turn off his protoculture powered mecha and abandon it in full sight without fear of it being destroyed. the Invid Regis herself might not be fooled by such a blatant ploy, but her troops see only a chunk of meaningless metal. If no protoculture or signs of life exist, then it is as unimportant as the rock next to it. This is also why the Invid ignore crashed spaceships, and ancient abandoned military bases or buildings that contain mecha, ammunition and/or supplies. FIRST, they don't recognize any of these inanimate objects as having any significance whatsoever. they are all worthless pieces of junk. SECOND, a particular place, building or spacecraft is just as meaningless. it has no perceived value, importance or danger. If it moves, including automated machines, make it stop moving! Non-movement means no life and no threat. If it has protoculture, destroy it! No creatures other than Invid may possess it. If life-forms or movement are hostile (attack or make threatening actions), destroy them. if hostile activity seems directed at the Invid, the Flower of Life or Invid slaves, destroy it. Any life-forms in the vicinity of a hostile action (usually about a 5 mil/8 km area) are likely to be a threat and are to be exterminated without prejudice (that means without hesitation or other consideration). The enemy is the enemy. Destroy without mercy. This is the Invid credo.

The Invid Scouts, Troopers and Pincers are all killing machines. They are mindless extensions of the hive and the will of the Regis. They function exactly like the worker and protector bees or termites of Earth insects. Without thought for their personal well-being, they fight till the death. Their sole purpose is to fight and die while protecting the queen (the Regis) or implementing her demands. there is no fear, no hate, no remorse, no sorrow, only instinctive, mindless duty. A deadly duty executed without mercy. To fight until you can fight no more. the Robotech masters tried to match these super-soldiers, making the Zentraedi as equally unyielding. the clashes between these two warrior races has left carnage unparalleled in the annals of history.

The Invid are the children of betrayal and war. When Zor first discovered the Invid's homeworld it was a simple, lovely planet inhabited by creatures who were spiritually one with their world, the Invid. The Robotech Master scientific genius, Zor, befriended the central intelligence of the Invid and together they made many great scientific discoveries. Among those achievements was the discovery of protoculture. A secret that Zor's power hungry superiors would not share. Without warning, the Robotech Masters lashed out at the helpless Invid. Genocide would have been too merciful; instead the evil Masters destroyed the planet through defoliation, killing all vegetation and leaving the defenceless Invid to die of starvation.

However, this maleficent action would spawn a nightmare race of monsters dedicated to revenge. Unknown to the pernicious Robotech Masters, the Invid were creatures of great power and masters of a metaphysical science the equal of their own. From the ashes of ruination rose the Invid War machine. Billions of creatures locked inside insect-like mecha, consumed with hatred. They would scour the universe to find the Robotech masters and destroy them.

Any world, any beings found with the sacred Invid "Flower of Life" (protoculture) were destroyed or ravaged and enslaved. No questions were asked. No presumption of innocence. If protoculture was found, that world must suffer. Destruction and subjugation was the price to pay by any who would ally themselves to the malevolent Robotech Masters. Or so the Invid believed. Blinded by hatred, they did not know or care that these worlds knew nothing of the Robotech masters' treachery. Nor that they were often the desperate victims of the Robotech Masters' merchant empire as much as the Invid.

The Invid hordes were led by two ruling beings, the Regis and the Regent. The two powerful leaders were both created simultaneously when the Robotech Masters laid waste to their homeworld. The shock of that moment caused the one central intelligence to split in two separate beings. The masculine Regent and the feminine Regis. Together the two led the Invid swarms against countless worlds spanning hundreds of years. However, the Regis and the Regent have grown into two very different entities. The Regis, although as unfeeling and hateful, seeks to find a new world and a new life. To grow old and evolve into superior creatures. However, she still strikes out at any creature, other than Invids who dare to defile the sacred plant (protoculture/flower of life). The reaction is immediate and thoughtless. Non-Invid who use or possess any aspect of the plant are destroyed or enslaved. The difference between her and the Regent is that she no longer actively seeks out these criminals. She is tired of hate and war. Her time is dedicated to evolution and higher pursuits.

The regent is lost to hate and power. He has grown to enjoy this conflict more than anything else. Like the Robotech Masters, he craves to carve out an intergalactic empire. An empire composed of crushed and defeated worlds whose survivors must obey and worship the Invid (specifically the Regent). It is the Regent and his minions whom the SDF-3 and the REF engage in mortal combat.