Eastern Block Soviet Independant State (E.B.S.I.S.)

RDF "Surplus" Mecha Of The E.B.S.I.S.

Since Rick Hunter and the RDF have left Earth on the SDF-3, RDF mecha is a rarity. However, in addition to the handful still in service, there are the old, worn out models sold to friendly feudal states and those stolen by high-tech pirates. The E.B.S.I.S was one of the greatest purchasers and aquirers (theft) of RFD mecha. Many have been lost in military campaigns, but quite a few are still actively in use. The following are the types currently (circa 2030) in the E.B.S.I.S. armed forces. Most are old, used or stolen, and have been rebuilt, or remodeled.

Zentraedi Mecha Of The E.B.S.I.S.

Most of the Zentraedi soldiers recruited by the E.B.S.I.S. have died in earlier military campaigns, ot their mecha's protoculture power supplies have faded completely. Attempts to modify Zentraedi mecha for human pilots have been abandoned in favor of the new, nuclear powered Battloids.